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Sheriff Exam


So, you wanna be a Sheriff, huh? Get a good score on these tryouts and I'll think about letting you in on the exam.Overview:Sheriff exam is a fully playable western shooting simulator with one main adventure mode and mini-games. The main quest is perceived as a shooting exam where the player is ..

Oyun Adı: Sheriff Exam
Geliştirici: ITC Studio
Tür: Aksiyon
Çıkış Tarihi: 17 May 2021
15,50  TL
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Ürün Hakkında Açıklama

So, you wanna be a Sheriff, huh? Get a good score on these tryouts and I'll think about letting you in on the exam.


Sheriff exam is a fully playable western shooting simulator with one main adventure mode and mini-games. The main quest is perceived as a shooting exam where the player is put to the test by the sheriff. By beating the sheriff's tests player gains XP which unlocks features such as new missions and new weapons. There is also a global scoreboard included so the players can compete for the world's best sheriff.

What’s currently in the game :

Mini-games are sort of preliminary tests for the exam. The player must get a good score on them before attempting the actual exam.

There are 6 different minigames :

  • Bottle range
  • Flying cans
  • Rolling ducks
  • Shootball
  • Darts
  • Whack ‘em moles

We won’t go into too much detail about these games as their essence can be seen in the current trailer.

While playing the games to earn the right to pass the exam, the players also compete with each other as there is a “best sheriff around” on the scoreboard available.

Have in mind that the sheriff will always be nearby to remind you how you perform on the preliminaries!

What we have planned for the full game :

Besides the 6 main missions, the main adventure mode will also include a shop system, where the player will be able to buy the newly unlocked weaponry such as revolvers, shotguns, custom gloves, bombs, and whiskey (which will be used as a combat healing potion).

The main quest (exam) consists of 6 main missions which are given to the player by the sheriff. Every mission is one side of the 6 sided sheriff’s star badge which is necessary to complete the exam and become the new sheriff.

For each new side of the star (mission), the previous missions are included, but they progressively harder.

  • The first mission requires you to spot every bottle and shoot it, your bullets count and you have limited time to do it.

  • The second mission is where things get interesting, there are now bounties to be collected. Find out where the man is from the wanted poster by asking around in the pub for clues on the man's appearance. Find them and bring them to justice to finish this mission.

  • The third mission is located on the main town square, where you need to take out every hat on each of the civilians' heads and of course without harming them. If you miss and shoot somebody you fail!

  • The fourth mission is placed in the mines, ride the minecart through the mine where bad guys will pop out and try to shoot you, outgun them and reach the end where an additional mission will await to be completed.

  • The fifth mission requires you to find the baddest of the bad and challenge them to a duel. Be the fastest and the most precise to complete this one.

  • The sixth mission is where you get to actually test out your newfound skills. Fend off the bank from a swarm of robbers.

Finishing all the missions won’t be enough though, you have to perfect them at their highest difficulty to become the new Sheriff!

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