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Beat Aim - Rhythm FPS Shooter


Beat AimGoal is simple: Unite Music and Shooter GamesTrailer is slightly outdated. Here are few examples of what can be generated in-game. These maps are not included in base game but similar are available from Steam Workshop.https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1916056363https://s..

Oyun Adı: Beat Aim - Rhythm..
Geliştirici: Kamyker
Tür: Aksiyon
Çıkış Tarihi: 1 Kas 2019
14.99 $
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Ürün Hakkında Açıklama

Beat Aim

Goal is simple: Unite Music and Shooter Games

Trailer is slightly outdated. Here are few examples of what can be generated in-game. These maps are not included in base game but similar are available from Steam Workshop.




Beat Aim is a rhythm game designed for FPS players with AI generated maps. FPS trainers like Kovaak and Aim Lab are fine but quickly become boring and repetitive. 2d games like osu! are nice but have limited content. BeatAim has been developed over last 2-3 years in my free time. After testing many solutions I've finally found the perfect one. Not only it is possible to open any music but also to deeply customize map generation and choose between infinite amount of difficulties. Every gameplay new map is randomly created based on the song. This makes reflex more important than memory - opposite to other rhythm games.


Slowly Beat Aim is evolving from simple aim trainer to fully featured game:

  • 4 targets types - click, slider (tracking aim), slider with invisible path, WASD arrows (to prevent players from using keyboard to shoot)
  • 3 guns - 2 pistols and 1 LMG
  • Difficulty slider - every map has infinite amount of difficulties, choose one to match your skill
  • Monthly competitions with Patrons and $$$ to win:
  • Esports League - based on leaderboard scores in Ranked mapsa
  • Mapping League - every 2 weeks most popular maps go to Ranked pool
  • Streamers League - our bot counts your viewer's watch time when streaming Beat Aim
  • Progression system - earn Beat Coins by playing the game to unlock new guns
  • Daily quests - earn special materials to craft new guns
  • Transparent roadmap with your feature requests and bug reports from Discord

VIP Features Now free for everyone!

  • map generator - open any song (wav, ogg, mp3), configure 25+ parameters, background and visuals to create something amazing
  • 2000+ Steam Workshop maps - share and download user's made maps
  • powerful custom leaderboards - show off your skill by linking a YouTube video of your run to your leaderboard score


As I own this project it will get better infinitely. Possibly upcoming multiplayer will be one of the most unique way of playing fpses in history. Up to you if I'll be able to create it :)

Similar games: Aim Lab, Aim Gods, Kovaak, Osu, Beat Saber, Audica, Pistol Whip, Aimlab, Aimbeast, Aim Hero, AimGods, Audiosurf, McOsu, BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE.

Trailer Music

"Collides Remix" by Dysfunction_AL

"Dragon War" by Makai Symphony

"Who We Are" by Hans Atom

Video itself is:

2019 - Licensed under

Creative Commons

Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

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